How to plan the perfect hens party!

Want to know how to plan the perfect hens party?! Follow our 10 steps to get you to Party Planner Queen status and create one of your Bride to Be’s favourite memories! 

Do you know where to start when planning a hens party?

Planning a hens party is no easy feat. But when done correctly though, you will be contributing to one of the Bride’s favourite memories and will be remembered as the party planning Queen!

Knowing where to start planning for a hens party can be confusing and overwhelming. By understanding your planning style, you will be able to nail the planning which is the make or break of a hens party. 

Bride to Be at her hens party

Is the perfect party planning guide for you??


  • You have no idea where to start planning a hens party!
  • You are overwhelmed at the thought of planning a hens party!
  • You don’t have the time or capacity to juggle hens party planning on top of your day to day life!


  • You have already organised everything for the hens party.
  • You don’t really care what happens and are just hoping for the best on the day.
Drinking cocktails at a hens party!

Georgia recently organised a hens party for us and what an unforgettable night! She was always responsive, and gave us lots of advice, options and ideas to help us shape our special event. Everything was ran so smoothly, all the guests had the best time, and most importantly the bride said it was the most perfect day!

Thank you Georgia for being so amazing to work with and making the planning so easy and stress free! I would absolutely recommend Simply The Best CBR for any event 💖

Maid of Honour