Top 8 Hens Party Myths Busted: What You Really Need to Know

Alright, party planners and fabulous hens, it’s time to set the record straight. There are plenty of myths out there about what a hens party should or shouldn’t be. Let’s bust those misconceptions and ensure your celebration is legendary. Here are the top 8 hens party myths, debunked!

Hens Party Myth 1: Hens Parties Have to Be Wild and Crazy
Reality: Not every bride wants a wild night out, and that’s perfectly okay! The idea that hens parties must be rowdy affairs filled with booze, loud music, and risqué games is outdated. Many brides prefer a more relaxed and intimate celebration. Think serene spa days, elegant wine tastings, or creative workshops like painting or pottery. The Canberra Hens Party Bible is filled with different activities that your Bride to Be will love! The key is to tailor the party to the bride’s tastes and to make her feel special and comfortable.

Hens Party Myth 2: All Hens Parties Involve Strippers
Reality: While some brides might enjoy this, it’s by no means a requirement. This stereotype can make some guests (including the bride!) uncomfortable. There are countless other activities to consider. Many brides prefer something different, such as taking a dance class together—think twerking, salsa, burlesque, or even hip-hop! Other popular options include sip and paint and sip classes, cocktail making, a picnic in the park, or a fun night of karaoke can be great ways to celebrate. The most important thing is to know your bride’s comfort zone and plan accordingly.

Hens Party Myth 3: The Maid of Honour Has to Do Everything
Reality: Planning a hens party is a team effort. The maid of honour often takes the lead, but that doesn’t mean she has to shoulder all the responsibilities. Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks to other bridesmaids or friends. Sharing responsibilities not only lightens the load but also brings in diverse ideas to make the event more memorable. For example, one person could be in charge of decorations and someone else could organise games or activities. Working together can help generate creative ideas and ensure that all aspects of the party are covered.

Hens Party Myth 4: You Can Only Invite Close Friends
Reality: The guest list can include anyone the bride wants to celebrate with. While close friends are a must, don’t forget about other important people in the bride’s life. Family members, colleagues, and even future in-laws can be part of the fun. Including a diverse group of people can add different dynamics and create a richer experience for the bride. For instance, inviting the bride’s favourite aunt who has hilarious stories to share or a colleague who knows the best party tricks! The goal is to surround the bride with people who love and support her, creating a joyous and inclusive atmosphere.

Hens Party Myth 5: You Need to Stick to Traditional Games
Reality: While classics like “Pin the Junk on the Hunk” have their charm, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Modern hens parties can include a wide range of activities that reflect the bride’s interests and personality. Try themed scavenger hunts, which can be customised with clues related to the bride’s life and relationship. Personalised trivia games about the bride, her fiancé, and their relationship can also be a big hit, offering laughs and sentimental moments. Fresh and unique activities keep the party lively and memorable. Our Little Black Book of Hens Party Planning is filled with ideas of games you can play!

Hens Party Myth 6: The Bride Shouldn’t Know the Plan
Reality: Surprises can be fun, but they’re not mandatory. Some brides prefer to be in the loop to ensure the party aligns with their preferences. While it’s nice to have some surprise elements, like a special guest or an unexpected activity, involving the bride in the planning process can ensure she’s happy with the overall event. For instance, she might have dietary restrictions or a particular aversion to certain games or themes. A mix of planned surprises and bride-approved activities can strike the perfect balance, ensuring she feels comfortable and excited about her special day.

Hens Party Myth 7: Bigger Is Always Better
Reality: Planning a memorable hens party doesn’t always require a massive guest list. In fact, smaller gatherings can create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, allowing the bride-to-be and her closest friends to connect on a deeper level and have a more personalised experience. We have compiled a list of exciting and unique ideas here that are guaranteed to make the celebration truly special.

Hens Party Myth 8: You Need to Follow a Strict Schedule
Reality: Flexibility is key to a great hens party. While having a plan is important to keep things on track, don’t stress if things don’t go exactly as scheduled. Sometimes, the best moments come from spontaneous fun and laughter. Allow for some downtime where guests can chat, relax, and enjoy each other’s company without feeling rushed. Be open to changing plans if something isn’t working out or if a new opportunity arises. For example, if the group is having a blast at brunch and wants to stay longer, let them! The goal is to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere where everyone, especially the bride, feels free to enjoy the moment.

By busting these myths, you’re all set to plan a hens party that’s true to the bride’s style and desires. Remember, the best celebrations are those filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. So go forth and plan a party that’s nothing short of spectacular! 🎉💃