7 things to remember when planning a hens party

hens party

Guests? Reservations? Dietaries? It always seems like there are so many things on your to do list for a hens party and it is easy to forget something. Here are our top tips to remember when planning a hens party: 

Consider the bride’s preferences
It seems obvious, doesn’t it? I’m sure we’ve all been to a hens party where the restaurant and activities have been chosen because they were cheaper, or maybe there was a deal, or maybe they were the ‘cool’ thing at the time. If you are the organiser, ask the bride for her for three or four favourite themes, activities and food types that she likes before you start investigating any options. 

Set a budget (and then stick to it!)
Money. It’s always hard! Before sending out invitations, work out an estimated cost of the prospective dinner, activities, transport, decorations and coverage for the bride. Add a little buffer in case not every one is able to make it and the price per person goes up slightly from your estimate.
If the bridesmaids want to add on extras that they are wanting to cover themselves, purchasing a visa gift card to buy these extras is a great way to make sure no one is out of pocket. Then, if there’s anything leftover, you can buy a bottle of bubbles for the bride to be!

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Be choosey with the date
First off – work out with the bride who the ‘must haves’ at the hens party are. There may be a particular friend who is flying in for the occasion or a mother or aunt who can only make certain dates. The date should be set months in advance and locked into all of the VIP diaries EARLY. It will be hard to find a date that works for everyone, and that’s ok if not everyone is able to attend. 

Locations and reservations
Once you have a date locked in, then lock in those vendors! Be clear with the activity organisers and the restaurant owners about exactly what you are wanting and alternative arrangements if the location is weather dependent. Make sure to lock in reservations as soon as possible as this will then help with getting official invitations out. 

Here are some questions you might want to ask when you are locking in your vendors: 

  • Can we bring decorations?
  • If we have decorations, do we need to remove them at the end of the night or can we store them somewhere to collect tomorrow?
  • Will we have the area to ourselves or are we sharing with others?
  • When do they need confirmation of final numbers?
  • When do you require final payment?
  • How are dietary requirements handled and what’s the best way to let them know of these? When do they need to know by?
  • Is the venue accessible for any guests that may require this?

The good ol’ desi driver. No one wants to be nominated for this role on the night, so for ease of your guests (and your own sanity!) have some options worked out. Either pre-organise an Uber or taxi, ride in style with the party bus or limo or even rope in some non-guests to get you from a to b. The main thing is to make sure you have enough seats for everyone and you’re not losing time trying to figure out transportation. 

Clear invitations
Whether it’s a group message, an email or a Facebook event – make sure your invitations are clear and detailed including:

  • Timing – where do you have to be and when
  • Cost – the total cost and what that includes
  • RSVP date – create a spreadsheet so you can capture all the RSVPs, dietaries, who has paid, accessibility issues and transportation notes
  • Request for dietaries – make sure there is food for everyone and that no one will be getting hangry!
  • Any elements of the hens party that the bride to be is not to find out

Most important tip
Have fun! Once you know that you have ticked off all of these logistical issues, then the night is yours to create the most memories to last a lifetime. 

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