The 21 Best Hens Party Themes

Whether you want your hens party to be classy and sophisticated or fun and fancy dress, choosing a theme is the ultimate way to set the tone for your hens party. A theme unites everyone attending and makes it easier to plan what to wear. A theme can also help decide and give direction on decorations, food, beverages, games and activities for the hens party.

You can spend hours googling the perfect theme for your besties hens party, but at the end of the day, it should be something that the Bride to Be will love and that is relevant to her. Think about the Bride to Be’s occupation, what she was doing or wearing the night she met her future husband, what her favourite colour is or her favourite hobby.  

There are vendors in Canberra that can match perfectly to each theme listed below! Book in a Quick Party Starter Chat so we can help you plan the perfect itinerary.  

1. Last Disco
Picture disco balls everywhere! Get out the funky flared trousers, bell sleeves and get ready to boogie!

2. Last Rodeo
Dust off the cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat and strap in for the night of your life.. yeeehawww

3. Space Cowgirl
Keep your cowgirl hat and boots and throw in some metallics, fringes and glitter for a boho western futuristic celestial flair.

4. Dress for the Decades
Whether you’re crimping your hair with high-cut leotards, neon leg warmers, shoulder pads and shell suits for the 80s, have flowers in your hair and love everywhere for the rock n rolling 70s or beads and feather boas for the classy 20s, there is an era for everyone.

5. Colour Block
Colour themes suit every guest attending! Make a statement and have your party stand out with big bold colours. You can all go pretty in pink for a girlie weekend or classy all white to celebrate the Bride to Be.  

6. Glitz and Glam
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Dress to impress and be the sparkliest version of yourself!  

7. Leather and Lace
The sexiest of themes, prepare to drop jaws everywhere you go.

8. Grannies Gone Wild
Get your biggest undies, grey wigs, big glasses, slippers, walking stick and moo moo! You’re riding in style this weekend!  

9. Disney Princesses
Live out your dream of being a Disney princess! There is a princess for everyone. Make sure the Bride to Be gets to choose her princess first!

10. Hensfest
Have your own festival for the Bride to Be with netting, glitter, face art, music and temporary tattoos.  

11. Superheroes
Who’s going to run the town better than a group of superwomen?? Grab your capes cause it’s time to fly!

12. Safari
The girls are going wild at the last rumble in the jungle! Grab the animal print, fur coats, leather pants and you are set for the trip of a lifetime.  

13. Golfers
There’s just something about dressing up as a golfer that makes you want to drink! Grab your visor, long socks, plaid skirt and polo shirt and off you go to pub golf!

14. Barbie
Come on Barbie, let’s go party! What theme could be girlier than Barbie!? Which Barbie will you go as?

15. Op Shop
Head to the op shop and find the most outrageous outfit and trashy bridal dress ready to let loose!

16. Final Fiesta
Margies with your chickas, a Mexican menu and fiesta-themed decorations will set you up for an unforgettable night.

17. Dress as the Bride to Be
Surprise the Bride to Be and dress as your favourite version her/them – active bride to be, night bride to be, loungey bride to be!

18. Dress as the Groom to Be
Surprise the Bride to Be even more by dressing as your favourite version of the groom to be – golfer, worker, partier, dad, holidayer! Top it off with a cardboard cut-out!

19. Pyjama Party
Why wear heels and tight dresses when you can be comfy in your slippers and favourite PJs for a relaxing night in!

20. Boho Beauty
Perfect for the boho bride with moody photography, floral print flowy dresses, flower crowns and the great outdoors.  

21. Tropical
While Canberra may be a little way from the tropics, we can still create our own tropical hens party! Think bright pink flamingos, green palm leaves, pineapples and beautiful flowers while sipping on champagne by the blow up pool!

When planning the hens party, make sure you give the guests enough notice if you are choosing a theme and ensure that the costumes are practical for the activities that have been booked in. Also pick a theme that is accessible to everyone where there is the option to go all out or just add one or two accessories if they don’t like dressing up to still be involved and not out of their comfort zone.

Whatever theme you choose, make sure you have fun and please tag @simplythebestcbr in your photos!