How to add a personal touch to your hens party with 10 customised merchandise ideas!

Hens parties are a time for the bride-to-be and her closest friends to celebrate in style before the big day. To make the event even more memorable, incorporating personalised merchandise can add a fun and unique touch. In this blog post, we will explore a variety of personalised merchandise options that will make your hens party truly stand out.

Temporary Tattoos

Add a touch of creativity and playfulness to your hen’s party with personalised temporary tattoos from The Temp Collective. These temporary tattoos can be customised with the bride’s name, grooms face, wedding date, or a special symbol or cheeky quote that holds meaning for the group. They are a fun and temporary way to bond and celebrate during the hens party.

Denim Tassel Jackets

Make a fashion statement with a personalised denim jacket from Pearl and Bow Bridal. Whether you opt for a classic “Bride” jacket or customise each jacket with individual names, these jackets will look amazing in photos and keep your Bride looking chic and warm throughout the party.

Bridal Satin Robes

Indulge in luxury and comfort with personalised satin robes for the bride and her bridal party. Embellish the robes with each person’s name or bridal party titles. These robes are perfect for pre-wedding pampering, photo sessions, or simply lounging around during the hens party. They create a sense of elegance and relaxation for the entire group. Check out Glamour + Grace Bridal to find your perfect robe.

Fedora Hats

For a touch of sophistication and style, you cannot go past a fedora hat for the Bride to Be made by local Canberra biz, To Hat and To Hold. These elegant hats are fully customisable to reflect the unique personality of the Bride.

Captain Hats

Nothing screams hens party like a blinged up Captains Hat! These stylish hats can be customised with names, titles, or even themed designs to match your party. These captain hats are an absolute vibe and will make your Bride feel like the Queen she is. Diamond_Divas_X has some incredible options to choose from!

Drinking Pouches

Stay hydrated in style with personalized drinking pouches like the ones from The DIY Bride AU. Customise the pouches with the bride’s name, the hens party theme, or funny quotes. These pouches are not only practical but also add a playful and personalised touch to the celebrations. Fill them with your favourite beverages and sip away!


Make a splash with personalised swimsuits for your hens party. Blingkinis specialises in customised swimwear, allowing you to add names, monograms, or even playful phrases to your swimsuits. While you’re lounging by the pool, these personalised swimmers will make your hens party photos unforgettable.

Silk Bow Veil

For the bride-to-be, a personalised silk bow veil adds a touch of elegance and individuality to her hens party attire. Pearl and Bow Bridal has beautiful silk bow veils that can be customised with names, phrases, or wedding-related details. This unique accessory will make the bride feel special and help her stand out on her special day and become a beautiful keepsake that the bride can cherish long after her hens day.

Acrylic Personalised Clutch

A personalised clutch is both stylish and practical, making it an ideal accessory for your hens party. Pearl and Bow Bridal’s acrylic clutches can be customised with names, initials, or even fun phrases. These personalised clutches are perfect for carrying essentials while adding a fashionable touch to your outfit.

Bridal Fluffy Slippers

End the hens party on a cosy note with personalised bridal fluffy slippers. Pearl and Bow Bridal offers comfortable and adorable slippers that can be customised with names or wedding-related designs. These slippers are a delightful gift for the entire bridal party, will look great in photos, and ensures everyone stays comfortable while enjoying the celebration.

Personalised merchandise adds a touch of individuality and charm to hens parties, elevating the celebration and creating unforgettable memories for the bride and her bridal party. Whether it’s temporary tattoos, denim jackets, satin robes, fedora hats, captain hats, drinking pouches, swimmers, silk bow veils, clutches, or slippers, each personalized item adds a unique element to the festivities.

By embracing customisation, you can create a hens party experience that perfectly reflects the bride’s personality and creates a sense of unity among the group. These personalised mementos will serve as cherished keepsakes, reminding everyone of the joyous moments shared during this special time. Let the personalised merchandise be the finishing touch that transforms your hens party into a truly extraordinary and memorable event.

Now that you have the Bride’s outfit sorted it’s time to get party planning! Check out the Canberra Hens Party Bible or our Party Packages to make sure your Bride to Be has the perfect Hens Party she deserves!