20 Party Favours Your Hens Will Actually Love (and Use!)

One of the best parts of a party are the amazing memories that you create and collect throughout the day/night/weekend. Party favours are growing more and more popular at hens parties as a way to thank the guests for celebrating the special occasion.

Party favours are also a great way to add some extra decorations to an event, and you could even personalised them to the bride to be or each guest for some extra pizzazz!

Here is a list of 20 fun party favours that are fun and practical that you could incorporate into your hens party:

1. Sunglasses: Looking for the perfect party favour that’s both stylish and practical? Look no further than our fabulous sunglasses! These trendy shades will make your guests look and feel great. Don’t miss out on this must-have accessory for any hens party!

2. Personalised wine/ champagne/ shot glasses: Customised glasses with your guests’ names, initials or a special message are a great way to make your party favours unique and personal. They can be used during the party and taken home as a keepsake to be used for years after.

3. Tote bags: A practical and stylish tote bag with the party’s theme or date is an excellent party favour that guests can use again and again. It’s perfect for carrying all their essentials.

4. Toiletry bag: A chic toiletry bag with travel-sized toiletries is a thoughtful and practical party favour that your guests will appreciate.

5. Mini bottles of champagne or liquor: A small bottle of bubbly or the bride to be’s favourite liquor is a great way to toast the bride-to-be and keep the party going.

6. Candle: A scented candle is a luxurious party favour that guests can use to create a relaxing and romantic ambiance at home. Choose a fragrance that fits the party’s theme or season and will remind you of your amazing party every time it’s lit.

7. Bath Bomb: Bath bomb’s are a great way to pamper your guests and help them unwind after the party. They’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

8. Chocolates: Sweet treats like a box of choccies is a classic party favour that is always appreciated. Choose a variety of flavours to suit everyone’s tastes.

9. Lip gloss: Who doesn’t need lip gloss? Lip gloss is a fun and useful party favour that guests can pop in their purse and use on the go.

10. Mirror compact: A pretty mirror compact is a useful party favour that guests can slip into their bag and use every day. You can even personalize it with their name or initials.

11. Wristbands: Wristbands with the party’s theme or date is a fun and colourful party favour that guests can wear during the party to stay united and to keep as a souvenir.

12. Survival kit/Hangover kit: A hangover kit with Panadol, hydrolyte, water, and our headache relief roller is a practical party favour that your guests will deeply appreciate the morning after the party.

13. Tumbler cup: Tumbler cups with a fun design is a great party favour to ensure that the guests always have a drink in their hand while they sip their favourite beverage.

14. Cookies: Personalised cookies is a sweet and delicious party favour that every guest will love and can add to the table décor to fit in with the theme.

15. Edible sweets: You cannot go wrong! Whether it’s some delicious fudge, chocolates or personalise lollies, they will always be a hit with party guests.

16. Hat: A bucket hat, cap, visor, or cowboy hat is a fun and practical party favour that guests can wear during the party and keep as a souvenir and will also look amazing in photos.

17. T-Shirt: Personalised t-shirts with the party’s theme or date is a great way to commemorate the occasion, create a sense of unity among the guests and it’s one less outfit the guests will need to think of.

18. Hair accessories: Cute and stylish hair accessories like a hair clip, hair pin, or scrunchie is a great party favour that guests can use to add some flair to their hair. Choose colours and designs that match the party’s theme.

19. Soap or bath salt: A luxurious bar of soap or a jar of bath salts is a great party favour that guests can use to pamper themselves at home and unwind after a wildly fun party!

20. Jewellery: Bracelets, necklaces, or pair of earrings is a great way to spoil your guests and give them something special to remember the party by. Choose styles that match the party’s theme or the bride-to-be’s personality. Or turn the jewellery favour into an activity at the party! Check out the Canberra Hens Party Bible to find amazing vendors that can help you create the perfect item.

Party favours are a wonderful way to thank your guests for celebrating with you on your special occasion. Whether you choose a practical and useful item or something more luxurious and indulgent, your guests will appreciate the thought and effort you put into selecting the perfect party favours. With these 20 great ideas for hens party favours, you’re sure to find something that fits your party’s theme and budget.