15 Ultimate Hens Party Games!

Get ready to turn your hens party into an epic celebration with these memorable hens party games!

I scoured the internet, from Google to TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram, to curate the most epic list of hens party games ever! Picture this: a few years back, I was organising a hens party for a friend, thinking a quick Google search would solve all my game-related needs. Shockingly, I found nothing, especially for the Canberra scene! That revelation sent me on a mission to compile a list of games that are not just fun and inclusive but also achievable.

As well as being fabulous ice breakers, games are the heartbeat of any party, bringing everyone together and setting the vibe for a fantastic celebration.

There are 2 types of games: Seated games that you can play around the table at a restaurant; or physical games that you move around to complete and can be used as an activity. Get ready to read through the top 15 physical games for your hens party!

Phone Challenge
It’s time to hit the streets! Jump into teams and be the first group to get as many hilarious memories. Choose from our list below or create your own. Not only is this a fab game to create and capture memories, but it is also a great ice breaker and low cost activity.

Here’s our favourite 14 shots:

  • SHOTS ON SHOTS – Capture a moment taking a shot in style
  • TABLE-TOP TANGO – Bust a move on the table like a true party maestro
  • PIGGYBACK PALS – Get a piggyback from a willing accomplice
  • BARMAN’S PECK – Plant a friendly kiss on a barman’s cheek
  • LOVE NOTES – Serenade a random with a tune from the heart
  • KISS & TELL – Blow a kiss to a distant stranger, bonus points for a reciprocal gesture!
  • YOGA GROOVE – Strike your best yoga poses on the dance floor, zen-like calm amidst the club chaos
  • TWIST AND SHOUT – Have a spontaneous dance with someone new
  • PHOTO-BOMB – Sneak into someone else’s photo for a surprise appearance
  • DOORMAN SQUEEZE – Embrace the bouncer with a squishy hug (with their permission of course!)
  • LIPSTICK PARTY – Find three good sports who are up for a lipstick makeover and turn them into glam guys
  • BAND OF BROS – Round up four lads who could pass as the hottest boyband in town and strike a pose.
  • DRINKS ON THEM – Sweet talk a stranger into buying you a drink
  • CHEER UP THE NIGHT – Bust out your best cheerleader moves and spread the joy on the dance floor

Pin the Junk on the Hunk
A classic revisited! Blindfolded guests take turns pinning the “junk” on a hunky poster. Whether it’s the groom, the groom’s face on a ripped body or a wild alternative, the person closest to the target wins the hilarious game!

Each guest takes a turn pinning the junk on the hunk blindfolded, after being spun around 3 times.
The person closest to the allocated ‘tail’ position is the winner!

Prosecco Pong
Set up 6 cups/glasses in a pyramid at the end of each table. Fill each cup/glass with prosecco or your choice of drink. Split the guests into 2 teams. If you have a larger guest list, you might want to break everyone down into a few groups and have rounds of the game.

The objective is for each team to throw a ping pong ball down the table, into the opposing team’s cup. If you land a ball in one of the opposing teams cup, the player on the opposing team who was up next would have to skull that cup/glass before they take their turn.

Pass The Peenie
Cheeky and full of laughs! Guests pass an adult object using only their chins in a relay or elimination round. Drop the “peenie,” and you’re out – but you’ll be in for a raucous good time!

Play-Doh Picasso
Crafty gals, this one’s for you! Come prepared with blobs of Play-Doh for each guest (add some glitter to make it extra special!). Set a timer while each guest crafts a life like representation of a few cheeky objects or body parts. Play this for a laugh or have a judging panel decide a winner and a loser with a hilarious consequence!

Cool as a Cucumber
Similar to Play-Doh Picasso but with a green twist! Use a cucumber and only your mouth to create your masterpiece. Let the cucumber creativity unfold!

Naughty Words
At the start of the party, come up with a few words that you know will be difficult to resist saying! Anyone who says one of those words during the party (or allocated time period), must be punished! E.g. skull your drink, not talk for 2 minutes, buy the bride a drink, do 10 pushups.

Dress the Bride
Divide the guests into teams and provide them with rolls of toilet paper or crepe paper. Each team must select one member to be the “bride” and then dress her up in a wedding gown made entirely of the paper. Set up a catwalk and the most creative and stylish gown wins. Check out our online shop to grab some glam sunnies to top off your outfits!

Clothes Pegs
Starts with 3 pegs each. The aim of the game is to get rid of all your pegs by secretly placing your pegs on the other guests. The winner is the person who gets rid of all their pegs first. But be careful! If you get caught pegging someone, you have to take back your peg and skull your drink!

Ballsy Bottle Bash
Strap on your “balls” for a hilarious time! Set up an obstacle course of water bottles designed to test your coordination and comical prowess. Divide the group into 2 teams. Strap on your “balls” by placing two tennis balls into a pair of stockings tied around your waist and then embark on a hilarious obstacle course. Navigate through twists, turns, and obstacles as you attempt to knock over strategically placed water bottles, all while rocking your makeshift “ball” ensemble. This uproarious game promises laughter, camaraderie, and a side-splitting good time!

Delish Dogs
Catch the excitement! Prepare for laughter as you take turns trying to catch a flying hotdog in your mouth. Whether it’s a graceful catch or a hilarious miss, every attempt is a recipe for hilarity. The thrill is in the toss, and the joy is in the catch (or the amusing near-misses)!

Booty Shake Showdown
Get ready to break out your best dance! Strap a tissue box filled with 5 ping pong balls to your bum and let the twerking madness begin. Shake, shimmy, and groove until you’ve successfully emptied the box of all its ping pong cargo. The first to empty the box wins – it’s a race against gravity and rhythm, with laughter as the ultimate prize!

Wedding Pictionary
Divide guests into teams. Each team takes turns drawing wedding-related items while their teammates try to guess what they are drawing within a time limit. The team with the most correct guesses wins.

Bridal Charades
Experience the perfect blend of Pictionary and Charades where guests bring wedding-related words and phrases to life by acting without speaking. Teams will engage in a lively guessing game, decoding the laughter-inducing gestures and expressions. Prepare for an evening filled with amusement!

Scavenger Hunt
Organise a scavenger hunt with clues and challenges around the party venue or nearby locations. Split into teams and set them off on an adventure to find hidden treasures. The first team to complete the hunt wins a prize.

These hens party games are your ticket to a lively, laughter-filled celebration. Tailor them to suit the bride’s personality, and you’re guaranteed an unforgettable time. Let the games begin and may your hens party be nothing short of legendary! 🎊